Joaquin Phoenix named best actor at the Golden Globes for ‘Joker

Joaquin Phoenix named best actor at the Golden Globes for ‘Joker

Joaquin Phoenix win best actor at Golden Globes 2020 for his film, Joker

Joaquin Phoenix, with his remarkable performance in the well-acclaimed film, Joker, became the highlight of the Golden Globes 2020 after bagging the title for the best actor.

The 45-year-old  stepped on stage to receive the award but didn’t leave without stirring a bit of drama. The long-drawn-out winning speech chockfull of expletives became a favourite amongst the crowd and on social.

Joaquin thanked his girlfriend, Rooney Mara and admired his “amazing friend and collaborator”, the film’s director, Todd Phillips saying, “I’m such a pain in the [expletive]. I cannot believe you put up with me.”

The Grammy Award winner who is often regarded as ‘skeptic of Hollywood awards shows’ also acknowledged his fellow nominated actors saying, “There is no [expletive] best actor.”

Moreover, the Gladiator actor also addressed the surging subject of climate change and urged the media fraternity to raise their voice for it. He said, “We don’t have to take private jets to Palm Springs … I’ll try to do better, and I hope you will too.”

He further praised the event and Hollywood Foreign Press for serving a vegan meal in the ceremony, “recognizing and acknowledging the link between animal agriculture and climate change. It’s a very bold move, making tonight plant-based.”

This marks his second time winning a Golden Globe as he has previously won bagged an accolade in 2006 for the film, Walk The Line.