Actress Kubra Khan open up about spiritual journey

Actress Kubra Khan open up about spiritual journey

Actress Kubra Khan. Photo: File

On my death bed, I don’t want to be scared to face my Lord, said renowned actress Kubra Khan while talking about her spiritual journey in an interview.

Kubra, in a conversation with BBC Asian Network, said that her life has changed over the years due to certain reasons.

The actress said that in everyone’s life a certain point comes when everything makes a 180 degree turn and in her life the moment came last year.

The Pakistani starlet said that she is satisfied with what kind of a person she is, and where she is in life. She added that she tried to become a better person, but is more relaxed now than before.

Kubra revealed that when changes started to come in her life she took a break from work and social life. She added that becoming a better person is greater than anything in life.

In the conversation, the film star shared that last year she went through a spiritual awakening, she said that she cannot take the fame and awards anywhere, and cannot take these things in front of her Lord. 

While talking about her drama Alif, the actress said that the drama was from God and said that when the drama was presented to her she was not in the right place and was drowned in darkness.

When asked if she would leave the showbiz industry, the starlet said that if she finds balance between her life and career then she will not leave the industry.

She added that if she cannot do this then she may leave the industry and go somewhere else.